Meet The Team

Matthew Crumley

Co-Founder, head trainer and behavior consultant.

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Co-Founder, Sr. dog behavior expert

As a lifelong dog behavior expert, Jack was always passing on knowledge and training his staff in the finer points of modern, evidence based training methods.  He was particularly passionate about helping fearful dogs, especially those that had fear of people or dogs.  He was fond of reminding us that it is never too late to make a difference in the life of a dog.


Sr. dog behavior expert

Always looking to expand our expertise in dog behavior, we were excited to bring Luna on staff for her insight into canine predatory behavior, and aversion to being touched/petted/handled.  Luna loves to demonstrate and educate on the non aversive ways you can train a dog to not hunt the neighborhood cats or squirrels.  As well as how to help a dog be more comfortable with being touched, petted, and having their feet checked for stickers.

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