Fearful Dogs

Helping fearful and anxious dogs is our passion.  These often misunderstood dogs need specialized training, as they do not have an “obedience” problem, they have a fear problem.  Fear can take over and negatively impact the quality of not just your dog’s life, but yours too.    

You love your dog, and want the best for them, but are unsure how to proceed.  At Jack’s K9 Academy we provide solutions that help fearful dogs and their people live better lives.

However your dog’s fear manifests, on leash aggression, lunging and barking at what scares them, cowering and trying to run away, there are things you can do to make life better for your dog.  

Private sessions are often the best way to proceed with a fearful dog.  The process starts with an initial consultation, then at least 6 follow up 1 hour sessions.  Sometimes more sessions are needed.  

For more information about fearful dogs and our methods, see our fearful dog FAQ.

Pricing –

Initial consultation – $120.00 

This is an approximately 1 ½ hour meeting where we go over history, goals, and discuss an initial starting plan.  

6 one hour sessions, $480.  

Payment plan is an option, call for details.